Walter & Tandoori
Web Episodes

  • Industrial Waste   Industrial Waste

    Confronted by having to swim in a sea of toxic products, Walter takes matters into his own hands and returns the waste to its original owner.

  • Abusive Commercial Fishing   Abusive Commercial Fishing

    A little too caught up in things: an overzealous fishing trawler operator gets caught in his own net.

  • Whale Hunting   Whale Hunting

    Walter liberates a whale from the sights of an unscrupulous whaler thanks to a cunning and unexpected diversion.

  • Canine Pollution   Canine Pollution

    Walter gives a lesson in basic hygiene to dogs who leave their finest behind on the streets and sidewalks of a major European city.

  • The Harmful Rays Of The Sun   The Harmful Rays Of The Sun

    A special nighttime creation saves Walter from being broiled by the sun, piercing the ozone layer on a Caribbean beach.

  • Noise Pollution   Noise Pollution

    The weekend is lovely…weather wise, but the ambient cacophony spares no one…Walter included!

  • Hybrid Cars   Hybrid Cars

    Walter and Tandoori play the role of race car drivers aboard their agile hybrid. Their neighbour, in his large 4 X 4 energy gobbler, will quickly burn up his arrogance…

  • Transgenic Chickens   Transgenic Chickens

    Restaurant, forced-feeding farm or museum of horrors? Walter's hair stands on end and he orchestrates a mass chicken get-away that will not be of much use to him.

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