Walter & Tandoori
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  • Global Warming   Global Warming

    The ice field melts under the very feet of some struggling penguins, victims of global warming. Something has to give. Walter is a pro at refrigeration solutions.

  • Odour Pollution   Odour Pollution

    Walter and Tandoori purify some smelly country air. The pigs have never been so clean!

  • Forest Fire Prevention   Forest Fire Prevention

    To the great displeasure of Walter and Tandoori, a couple of careless campers are playing with fire in the forest.

  • Noxious Carbon Monoxide   Noxious Carbon Monoxide

    What planet does this neighbour possibly come from, he who is doggedly focused on spewing the exhaust from his car into the air? Walter intends to find out.

  • Water Table Abuse   Water Table Abuse

    Discovering a magnificent cave in Africa, Walter and Tandoori scuttle the plans of a much too profit-thirsty bottled water seller.

  • Oil Slicks   Oil Slicks

    A pedal-boat trip on the Gulf of Mexico threatens to turn into an ecological disaster, but Tandoori's balloons save the day.

  • Space Debris   Space Debris

    Bottleneck in space: Walter and Tandoori recuperate all the iron accumulated in the cosmos system for an…extra-terrestrial use!

  • Holiday Littering   Holiday Littering

    Travelling through Italy, Walter and Tandoori play a mean trick on some tourists who leave behind an incredible trail of litter. When the ready-to-throw-away becomes the ready-to-wear!

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