Walter & Tandoori
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  • The Benefits of Composting   The Benefits of Composting

    Walter, Tandoori and their neighbour initiate themselves to the benefits of composting. The experience starts badly but ends on a hilarious note.

  • Wind Power   Wind Power

    A snagged kite, an overcharged electric can opener and a franticly turning windmill create havoc in the campground where Walter and Tandoori are staying.

  • The Unbalanced Ecosystem   The Unbalanced Ecosystem

    Orphaned turtles in a sewage system try to find their natural habitat. Who would have thought that Walter and Tandoori's "grinchy" neighbour had a maternal instinct in him?

  • Genetically Modified Vegetables   Genetically Modified Vegetables

    Walter and Tandoori experience a strange transformation after having enjoyed a crunchy meal of fruit and vegetables coming from a food market.

  • Smog   Smog

    A simple outing transforms itself into a veritable epic for Walter as he finds himself out of breath under the thick cover of a cloud that is blanketing the city..

  • Recycling Old Clothes   Recycling Old Clothes

    A large-scale clean-out of the closet gives way to a lively exchange between Walter and Tandoori. More and more is put back, right up to the last shirt!

  • Introduction Of Foreign Species   Introduction Of Foreign Species

    A sweet and adorable creature from another land creates havoc on Walter's grounds…creating real challenges in his garden!

  • Recycling Old Eye Glasses   Recycling Old Eye Glasses

    Walter and Tandoori share their bizarre, funny luggage with an African tribe. Myopic hunters do not return empty handed.

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